Orfeo Toolbox  4.2
Watershed-based Segmentation Filters
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class  itk::watershed::Boundary< TScalar, TDimension >
class  itk::watershed::BoundaryResolver< TPixelType, TDimension >
class  itk::watershed::EquivalenceRelabeler< TScalar, TImageDimension >
class  itk::EquivalencyTable
 Hash table to manage integral label equivalencies. More...
class  itk::IsolatedWatershedImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
 Isolate watershed basins using two seeds. More...
class  itk::OneWayEquivalencyTable
 Hash table to manage integral label equivalencies that are order dependent. More...
class  itk::watershed::Relabeler< TScalar, TImageDimension >
class  itk::watershed::Segmenter< TInputImage >
class  itk::watershed::SegmentTable< TScalar >
class  itk::watershed::SegmentTree< TScalar >
class  itk::watershed::SegmentTreeGenerator< TScalar >
class  itk::WatershedImageFilter< TInputImage >
 A low-level image analysis algorithm that automatically produces a hierarchy of segmented, labeled images from a scalar-valued image input. More...

Detailed Description

These filters segment an image based on intensity values using the watershed algorithm.

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