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otb::ogr Namespace Reference


namespace  internal


class  DataSource
 Collection of geometric objects. More...
class  Drivers
class  Feature
 Geometric objet with descriptive fields. More...
class  Field
 Encapsulation of OGRField Instances of Field are expected to be built from an existing Feature with which they'll share their owning OGRFeature. More...
class  FieldDefn
 Encapsulation of OGRFieldDefn: field definition. More...
class  ImageReference
class  Layer
 Layer of geometric objets. More...
struct  propagate_const
 propagation of const-qualifier. More...
struct  propagate_const< Tin const, Tout >
class  StringListConverter
 Helper class to convert a set of standard C++ string into char** as OGR API expects. More...


< OGRGeometry,


template<typename TResult , class TGeometry , typename TFunctor >
TResult apply (TGeometry *geometry, TFunctor functor)
bool Contains (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Tests for containment. More...
bool Crosses (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Tests for crossing. More...
UniqueGeometryPtr Difference (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Computes difference. More...
bool Disjoint (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Tests for disjointness. More...
double Distance (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Computes distance between two geometries. More...
bool Equals (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Returns wheither if two geometries are equivalent. More...
UniqueGeometryPtr Intersection (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Computes intersection. More...
bool Intersects (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Do these features intersect? More...
bool operator!= (Layer const &lhs, Layer const &rhs)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, FieldDefn const &defn)
bool operator== (Feature const &lhs, Feature const &rhs)
bool operator== (Layer const &lhs, Layer const &rhs)
bool operator== (FieldDefn const &lhs, FieldDefn const &rhs)
bool Overlaps (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Tests for overlap. More...
UniqueGeometryPtr Simplify (OGRGeometry const &g, double tolerance)
UniqueGeometryPtr SimplifyDontPreserveTopology (OGRGeometry const &g, double tolerance)
UniqueGeometryPtr SimplifyPreserveTopology (OGRGeometry const &g, double tolerance)
UniqueGeometryPtr SymDifference (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Computes symmetric difference. More...
bool Touches (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Tests for touching. More...
UniqueGeometryPtr Union (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Computes union. More...
UniqueGeometryPtr UnionCascaded (OGRGeometry const &this_)
 Computes union using cascading. More...
bool Within (OGRGeometry const &lhs, OGRGeometry const &rhs)
 Tests for containment. More...

Function Documentation

bool otb::ogr::operator!= ( Layer const &  lhs,
Layer const &  rhs 

Definition at line 529 of file otbOGRLayerWrapper.h.

std::ostream & otb::ogr::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
FieldDefn const &  defn 
bool otb::ogr::operator== ( Feature const &  lhs,
Feature const &  rhs 

Definition at line 100 of file otbOGRFeatureWrapper.cxx.

References otb::ogr::Feature::m_Feature.

Referenced by itk::TemporalRegion::operator!=().

bool otb::ogr::operator== ( FieldDefn const &  lhs,
FieldDefn const &  rhs 

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