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itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct Struct Reference

#include <itkMultiThreader.h>

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Public Types

enum  {

Public Attributes

int * ActiveFlag
MutexLock::Pointer ActiveFlagLock
ThreadIdType NumberOfThreads
itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct:: { ... }  
ThreadFunctionType ThreadFunction
ThreadIdType ThreadID
void * UserData

Detailed Description

This is the structure that is passed to the thread that is created from the SingleMethodExecute, MultipleMethodExecute or the SpawnThread method. It is passed in as a void *, and it is up to the method to cast correctly and extract the information. The ThreadID is a number between 0 and NumberOfThreads-1 that indicates the id of this thread. The NumberOfThreads is this->NumberOfThreads for threads created from SingleMethodExecute or MultipleMethodExecute, and it is 1 for threads created from SpawnThread. The UserData is the (void *)arg passed into the SetSingleMethod, SetMultipleMethod, or SpawnThread method.

Definition at line 137 of file itkMultiThreader.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 144 of file itkMultiThreader.h.

Member Data Documentation

int* itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct::ActiveFlag
MutexLock::Pointer itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct::ActiveFlagLock
ThreadIdType itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct::NumberOfThreads
enum { ... } itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct::ThreadExitCode
ThreadFunctionType itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct::ThreadFunction
ThreadIdType itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct::ThreadID
void* itk::MultiThreader::ThreadInfoStruct::UserData

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