Orfeo Toolbox  4.2
Orfeo Toolbox


Welcome to CNES' ORFEO Toolbox (OTB). OTB is an open-source sofware system developed in the framework of the ORFEO Accompaniment Program.

Home Page

The Home Page of the ORFEO Toolbox can be found at:


The OTB software guide can be downloaded here:


More information about the ORFEO Program is available here:


The OTB users mailing list is located here:


All the source code is online and can be retrieved using mercurial from here:


Latest news, tips and preview about OTB will be on the blog:


How to use this documentation

This documentation describes the API of the toolbox. You can start your visit by the Classes link above which details all available classes in OTB. The Modules link presents a hierarchy of classes organized according to their functionality. The Related Pages link presents design details, in particular the use of the data pipeline model and the philosophy of iterators.

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