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otb::Functor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor Class Reference

Classical Beta behavior over SOM training phase. More...

#include <otbSOMLearningBehaviorFunctor.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CzihoSOMLearningBehaviorFunctor ()
 CzihoSOMLearningBehaviorFunctor ()
virtual double operator() (unsigned int currentIteration, unsigned int numberOfIterations, double betaInit, double betaEnd) const

Detailed Description

Classical Beta behavior over SOM training phase.

This class implements an standart evolution of the $ \beta $ weightening coefficient over the SOM training.

\[ \beta = \beta_0 + \left( \beta_{\textrm{end}} - \beta_0 \right) \frac{t}{t_{\textrm{end}}} \]

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual otb::Functor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor::~CzihoSOMLearningBehaviorFunctor ( )

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Member Function Documentation

otb::Functor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor::CzihoSOMLearningBehaviorFunctor ( )

Empty constructor / descructor

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virtual double otb::Functor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor::operator() ( unsigned int  currentIteration,
unsigned int  numberOfIterations,
double  betaInit,
double  betaEnd 
) const


Definition at line 51 of file otbSOMLearningBehaviorFunctor.h.

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