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Mathematical Morphology Image Filters
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class  otb::AttributesMapOpeningLabelMapFilter< TImage >
 Attributes opening for AttributesMapLabelObject. More...
class  otb::BandsStatisticsAttributesLabelMapFilter< TImage, TFeatureImage >
 This filter computes band statistics attributes for each object. More...
class  otb::LabelMapFeaturesFunctorImageFilter< TImage, TFunctor >
 This class applies a functor to compute new features. More...
class  otb::LabelMapToGISTableFilter< TLabelMap, TGISTable >
 Convert a LabelMap to a GIS table. More...
class  otb::LabelMapToLabelImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
 Converts a LabelMap to a labeled image. More...
class  otb::NeighborhoodMajorityVotingImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage, TKernel >
class  otb::ShapeAttributesLabelMapFilter< TImage, TLabelImage >
 This class is a fork of the itk::ShapeLabelMapFilter working with AttributesMapLabelObject. More...
class  otb::StatisticsAttributesLabelMapFilter< TImage, TFeatureImage >
 This class is a fork of itk::StasticsLabelMapFilter to support AttributesMapLabelObject. More...

Detailed Description

Mathematical morphology filters are a particular class of cellular automata. They modify the value of a pixel based on the values of a neighborhood. The neighborhood is now as the structured element.

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