Software Guide

The main source of information is the OTB Software Guide. This is a comprehensive guide which comprises about 800 pages, detailing the steps to install OTB and use it. Most of the classes available are heavily illustrated with results from real remote sensing processing. The Software Guide is available as a pdf file or as an online html version.


CookBook for Non-developers

A guide for OTB-Applications and Monteverdi dedicated for non-developers is also available.This guide is composed of a brief tour of of OTB-Applications and Monteverdi, followed by a set of recipes to perform usual remote sensing tasks with both tools. The CookBook is available as a pdf file or as an online html version.



For developers, the doxygen guide which details the full API of the library is a compulsory guide. Two versions of the doxygen are available:



For developers using the Java API from the OTB-Wrapping package, the javadoc is available here:


User mailing lists

Another good source of information is the OTB user mailing list and the OTB developer mailing list.


OTB 2.0

OTB is on twitter as @orfeotoolbox (or through the web here)!

You can also join us on the OTB IRC channel available on channel #otb. It is also available through a web interface here.

Follow also OTB on Google+!