OTB Applications


OTB-Applications package built on top of the library enrich the way of using OTB in third parties applications. The philosophy of the framework is to have to write the processing only once, and then use it from whatever environment, programming language or software you want. It provides command-line tools, Qt based GUIs, Qgis C++ plugins, access from an interpreted or compiled higher level language like Python through the SWIG interface...

These applications provide a lot of image manipulation utilities and high-level processing chains like ortho-rectification, classification or segmentation...


OTB applications allows to:


  • Use directly command-line interface which is robust and easy to use
  • Perform batched processing chaining several applications in Python
  • Use application in standalone Qt GUIs with a lot of useful features like automatic parameters estimation (for instance, the ortho-rectification application provides you with the best-fit parameters for your image)
  • The python interface allows nice integration within QGis
  • Generate applications file descriptors for integration in external tools like the KEO system from ESA


Try it now!


If you want to give this a try, clone a the OTB mercurial repository and activate the BUILD_APPLICATIONS flag. We provide also binary packages on Windows and Linux for all these applications (see download section).



There are lots of documentation available on these applications, for end-users and also for developers who want to create their own applications.

  • Find general information also on the wiki about the OTB applications here.
  • Here, details about how to use OTB applications in Quantum GIS
  • There are also a serie of posts on the blog which describe the OTB-Applications project