OTB at Igarss 2009

The invited session on Open Source Initiatives for Remote Sensing, focusing particularly on OTB but also featuring PolSARpro was a success with a great attendance despite other exciting sessions at the same time.

Here is the full program of the session and a link to download the slide:


The Orfeo Toolbox remote sensing image processing software (slides
Jordi Inglada; CNES
Emmanuel Christophe; CRISP

Slides are also available in french.

Object counting in high resolution remote sensing images with OTB
Emmanuel Christophe; CRISP
Jordi Inglada; CNES

Reference algorithm implementations in OTB: textbook cases (slides)
Julien Michel; CS
Thomas Feuvrier; CS
Jordi Inglada; CNES

Image semantic coding using OTB (slides)
Marie Liénou; TELECOM ParisTech
Marine Campedel; TELECOM ParisTech

Assessment of interest points detection algorithms in OTB
Otmane Lahlou; CS
Julien Michel; CS
Damien Pichard; CS
Jordi Inglada; CNES

The use of Orfeo Toolbox in the context of map updating
Christophe Simler; Royal Military Academy
Charles Beumier; Royal Military Academy
Christine Leignel; Université Libre de Bruxelles
Olivier Debeir; Université Libre de Bruxelles
Eléonore Wolff; Université Libre de Bruxelles

Implementing kohonen's som with missing data in OTB
Gregoire Mercier; Institut Telecom; Telecom Bretagne
Bassam Abdel Latif; Institut Telecom; Telecom Bretagne

Urban area detection and segmentation using OTB
Stéphane May; CNES
Jordi Inglada; CNES

Toward a gui remote-sensing environment built over OTB (slides)
David Dubois; École de Technologie Superieure
Richard Lepage; École de Technologie Superieure
Tullio Tanzi; Telecom ParisTech

Overview of the PolSARpro V4.0 software. The open source toolbox for polarimetric and interferometric polarimetric SAR data processing
Eric Pottier; IETR UMR CNRS 6164 - University of Rennes 1
Laurent Ferro-Famil; IETR UMR CNRS 6164
Sophie Allain; IETR UMR CNRS 6164
Shane Cloude; AELc
Irena Hajnsek; DLR-HR
Konstantinos Papathanassiou; DLR-HR
Alberto Moreira; DLR-HR
Mark Williams; GeoSAR
Andrea Minchella; ESA-ESRIN
Marco Lavalle; ESA-ESRIN
Yves-Louis Desnos; ESA-ESRIN