3.2.3 Ubuntu 12.04 and higher

For Ubuntu 12.04 and higher, Monteverdi2 package may be available as Debian package through APT repositories.

Since release 0.2, Monteverdi2 packages are available in the ubuntugis-unstable repository.

You can add it by using these command-lines:

sudo aptitude install add-apt-repository  
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntugis/ubuntugis-unstable

Now run:

sudo aptitude install monteverdi2

If you are using Synaptic, you can add the repository, update and install the package through the graphical interface.

apt-add-repository will try to retrieve the GPG keys of the repositories to certify the origin of the packages. If you are behind a http proxy, this step won’t work and apt-add-repository will stall and eventually quit. You can temporarily ignore this error and proceed with the update step. Following this, aptitude update will issue a warning about a signature problem. This warning won’t prevent you from installing the packages.