4.1.6 Processing of Pleiades images with OTB Applications

The OTB Applications are able to work directly with Pleiades images. However, keep in mind that performances may be limited due to the reasons exposed in the foreword of this section. If you experiment poor performances with some application, try to uncompress the area of interest from your image with Monteverdi first. One can also use the ExtractROI application for this purpose.

One thing that is interesting to know is that one can access the coarser resolution of the Jpeg2000 file by appending : i to the filename, where i is the resolution level starting at 0. For instance, one can use the following:

otbcli_ExtractROI -in IMG_PHR1A_PMS_201201151100183_SEN_IPU_20120222_0901-001_R2C1.JP2:5 -out test.tif uint16