Band Math

Brief Description

Outputs a monoband image which is the result of a mathematical operation on several multi-band images.



Long Description

This application performs a mathematical operation on several multi-band images and outputs the result into a monoband image. The given expression is computed at each pixel position. Evaluation of the mathematical formula is done by the muParser libraries.

The formula can be written using:
* numerical values ( 2.3, -5, 3.1e4, ...)
* variables containing pixel values (e.g. : 'im2b3' is the pixel value in 2nd image, 3rd band)
* binary operators:
* '+' addition, '-' subtraction, '*' multiplication, '/' division
* '^' raise x to the power of y
* '<' less than, '>' greater than, '<=' less or equal, '>=' greater or equal
* '==' equal, '!=' not equal
* '||' logical or, '&&' logical and
* if-then-else operator: '(condition ? value_true : value_false)'
* functions : exp(), log(), sin(), cos(), min(), max(), ...

The full list of features and operators is available on the muParser website [1].






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