Color Mapping

Brief Description

Maps an input label image to 8-bits RGB using look-up tables.


Image Manipulation, Image MetaData, Learning, Utilities

Long Description

This application allows one to map a label image to a 8-bits RGB image (in both ways) using different methods.
-The custom method allows one to use a custom look-up table. The look-up table is loaded from a text file where each line describes an entry. The typical use of this method is to colorise a classification map.
-The continuous method allows mapping a range of values in a scalar input image to a colored image using continuous look-up table, in order to enhance image interpretation. Several look-up tables can been chosen with different color ranges.
-The optimal method computes an optimal look-up table. When processing a segmentation label image (label to color), the color difference between adjacent segmented regions is maximized. When processing an unknown color image (color to label), all the present colors are mapped to a continuous label list.
- The support image method uses a color support image to associate an average color to each region.



The segmentation optimal method does not support streaming, and thus large images. The operation color to label is not implemented for the methods continuous LUT and support image LUT.
ColorMapping using support image is not threaded.



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