Ply 3D files generation

Brief Description

Generate a 3D Ply file from a DEM and a color image.



Long Description

The application converts an image containing elevations into a PLY file, which is a file format to store 3D models. This format is adpated for visualization on software such as MeshLab [2] or CloudCompare [3]

This application is part of the stereo reconstruction framework. The input data can be produced by the application DisparityMapToElevationMap.

There are two types of supported input images:
* A DEM image, with a ground projection, containing elevation values. Each elevation value can be considered as a 3D point.
* A 3D grid image, containing 5 bands (the first 3 are the 3D coordinates of each point, the 5th is a validity mask where valid values are larger or equal to 1)

The user shall also give a support image that contains color values for each 3D point. The color values will be embedded in the PLY file.



The input DEM image has to entirely fit into memory.



See also

- [1] DisparityMapToElevationMap
- [2]
- [3]

Example of use