Homologous Points Extraction

Brief Description

Compute homologous points between images using keypoints


Feature Extraction

Long Description

This application allows computing homologous points between images using keypoints. SIFT or SURF keypoints can be used and the band on which keypoints are computed can be set independently for both images. The application offers two modes : the first is the full mode where keypoints are extracted from the full extent of both images (please note that in this mode large image file are not supported). The second mode, called geobins, allows one to set-up spatial binning to get fewer points spread across the entire image. In this mode, the corresponding spatial bin in the second image is estimated using geographical transform or sensor modelling, and is padded according to the user defined precision. Last, in both modes the application can filter matches whose colocalisation in first image exceed this precision. The elevation parameters are to deal more precisely with sensor modelling in case of sensor geometry data. The outvector option allows creating a vector file with segments corresponding to the localisation error between the matches. It can be useful to assess the precision of a registration for instance. The vector file is always reprojected to EPSG:4326 to allow display in a GIS. This is done via reprojection or by applying the image sensor models.



Full mode does not handle large images.



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