Vector Data Transformation

Brief Description

Apply a transform to each vertex of the input VectorData


Vector Data Manipulation

Long Description

This application iterates over each vertex in the input vector data file and performs a transformation on this vertex.

It is the equivalent of [1] that transforms images. For instance, if you extract the envelope of an image with [2], and you transform this image with [1], you may want to use this application to operate the same transform on the envelope.

The applied transformation is a 2D similarity. It manages translation, rotation, scaling, and can be centered or not. Note that the support image is used to define the reference coordinate system in which the transform is applied. For instance the input vector data can have WGS84 coordinates, the support image is in UTM, so a translation of 1 pixel along X corresponds to the X pixel size of the input image along the X axis of the UTM coordinates frame. This image can also be in sensor geometry.






See also

[1] RigidTransformResample
[2] ImageEnvelope

Example of use