Graphical interfaceΒΆ

The graphical interface for the applications provides a useful interactive user interface to set the parameters, choose files, and monitor the execution progress.

This launcher needs the same two arguments as the command line launcher:

$ otbApplicationLauncherQt module_name [MODULEPATH]

The application paths can be set with the OTB_APPLICATION_PATH environment variable, as for the command line launcher. Also, as for the command-line application, a more simple script is generated and installed by OTB to ease the configuration of the module path: to launch the graphical user interface, one will start the otbgui_Rescale script.

The resulting graphical application displays a window with several tabs:

  • Parameters is where you set the parameters and execute the application.
  • Logs is where you see the output given by the application during its execution.
  • Progress is where you see a progress bar of the execution (not available for all applications).
  • Documentation is where you find a summary of the application documentation.

In this interface, every optional parameter has a check box that you have to tick if you want to set a value and use this parameter. The mandatory parameters cannot be unchecked.

The interface of the application is shown here as an example: