Time series gapfilling.


This application performs a temporal gapfillingof an image time series.


Input time series -in image Mandatory
Input time series: A multiband image resulting from the concatenation of your different dates. If the images are multispectral, the order of the bands should be: date1b1 date1b2 … date1bN date2b1 date2b2 …

Mask time series -mask image Mandatory
A validity mask (you choose what validity means: clouds, saturation, etc.; a valid pixel has a value of 0). This is a time series with the same order of dates as the input time series.

Output time series -out image [dtype] Mandatory
Output time series: The gapfilled time series. It will have the same number of dates as the input time series unless you provide an output date file (see -od).

Number of components per date. -comp int Mandatory
The number of bands of each date (all dates have to have the same number of bands, of course).

Interpolation type (linear, spline) -it string Mandatory

Input date file -id string
An ascii file containing the dates of the input time series. The date format is YYYYMMDD. See this example: If no date file is provided, the time gap between dates is supposed to be regular.

Output date file -od string
An ascii file containing the dates of the output time series. Same format as the input date file. If provided, the output image time series will be resampled to correspond to the dates provided in the file. This is useful if you want to have a regular temporal sampling when your input time series is irregular. If no file is provided, the input dates are used.

Available RAM (MB) -ram int Default value: 256
Available memory for processing (in MB).


From the command-line:

otbcli_ImageTimeSeriesGapFilling -in TimeSeriesNDVIRoi.tif -mask TimeSeriesMasksRoi.tif -out GapFilledTimeSeriesRoiOutputDatesµ.tif -comp 1 -it linear -id TimeSeriesInputDateFile.txt -od TimeSeriesInputDateFile.txt

From Python:

import otbApplication

app = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication("ImageTimeSeriesGapFilling")

app.SetParameterString("in", "TimeSeriesNDVIRoi.tif")
app.SetParameterString("mask", "TimeSeriesMasksRoi.tif")
app.SetParameterString("out", "GapFilledTimeSeriesRoiOutputDatesµ.tif")
app.SetParameterInt("comp", 1)
app.SetParameterString("it", "linear")
app.SetParameterString("id", "TimeSeriesInputDateFile.txt")
app.SetParameterString("od", "TimeSeriesInputDateFile.txt")