Evaluation of ambiguity height


Calculate the angle alpha between ground-master and ground-slave vectors. Calculates the local incidence. The ambiguity heigth is given by: lambda * sin (incidence) / 2 * tg (alpha)


Input images list (for estimations) -inlist image1 image2... Mandatory
The list of images to estimate required values (local vecotrs, ambiguity …).

Tartget lat (degree) -lat float Mandatory
Target Latitude (degree)

Target long (degree) -lon float Mandatory
Target Longitude (degree)

Target height (m) -height float Mandatory
Target Height (m)

Output file to store the results -outfile filename [dtype] Mandatory
Output file to store the results

Activate bistatic Mode -bistatic bool Default value: false
If true, set the formula in bistatic mode

Available RAM (MB) -ram int Default value: 256
Available memory for processing (in MB).


From the command-line:

otbcli_SARAltAmbig -inlist s1a-s4-slc-vv-20160818t014650-20160818t014715-012648-013db1-002_SLC.tiff s1a_s6_slc_0180416T195057_vv_cap_verde.tif -lat 10.5 -lon 5.8 -height 45.9 -outfile alt_ambig.log

From Python:

import otbApplication

app = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication("SARAltAmbig")

app.SetParameterStringList("inlist", ['s1a-s4-slc-vv-20160818t014650-20160818t014715-012648-013db1-002_SLC.tiff', 's1a_s6_slc_0180416T195057_vv_cap_verde.tif'])
app.SetParameterFloat("lat", 10.5)
app.SetParameterFloat("lon", 5.8)
app.SetParameterFloat("height", 45.9)
app.SetParameterString("outfile", "alt_ambig.log")