SAR Multi-Look creation.


This application creates the multi-look image of a SLC product.


Input Complex image -incomplex image Mandatory
Complex Image to perform computation on.

Input image -inreal image Mandatory
Image to perform computation on.

Averaging on distance -mlran int Default value: 3
Averaging on distance

Averaging on azimut -mlazi int Default value: 3
Averaging on azimut

Gain to apply on ML image -mlgain float Default value: 0.1
Gain to apply on ML image

Output ML Image -out image [dtype] Mandatory
Output ML image.

Available RAM (MB) -ram int Default value: 256
Available memory for processing (in MB).


From the command-line:

otbcli_SARMultiLook -incomplex s1a-s4-slc-vv-20160818t014650-20160818t014715-012648-013db1-002_SLC.tiff -out s1a-s4-slc-vv-20160818t014650-20160818t014715-012648-013db1-002_ML.tif -mlran 3 -mlazi 3 -mlgain 0.1

From Python:

import otbApplication

app = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication("SARMultiLook")

app.SetParameterString("incomplex", "s1a-s4-slc-vv-20160818t014650-20160818t014715-012648-013db1-002_SLC.tiff")
app.SetParameterString("out", "s1a-s4-slc-vv-20160818t014650-20160818t014715-012648-013db1-002_ML.tif")
app.SetParameterInt("mlran", 3)
app.SetParameterInt("mlazi", 3)
app.SetParameterFloat("mlgain", 0.1)



Only Sentinel 1 (IW and StripMap mode) and Cosmo products are supported for now.