Here is where to find source code tarballs and current binary packages for OTB and Monteverdi.

Source code

OTB version tracking and development is using Git. You can browse the repositories online using the web interface. The OTB project source code is also available on a GitHub mirror. You can also find source tarballs and zips of latest version here.

You can find information about how to build OTB and Monteverdi from source in the OTB Software Guide.

For testing and learning purpose, we also provide a sample data set (OTB-Data-Examples), which contains collections of data from different sources and in different formats which appear in the Software Guide examples.


On all platforms, the OTB standalone package contains everything: Application for command line and GUI, Mapla and Monteverdi. We are now also packaging remote modules for binary distribution. Select packages compatible with our build system are now available for download via a OTB-contrib package that includes the standard OTB installation (Applications, Monteverdi, etc), plus remote module binaries.

eXternal Dependencies Kit (XDK)

We provide also a development kit for OTB which allows to easily compile the library and facilitate the creation of programs based on OTB. The archive contains shared libraries of OTB dependencies (binary versions) and helper scripts for the configuration and the compilation of the library.

OTB development for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows are available here.

You can find more information about OTB compilations using the development kit on the wiki: