OTB  6.7.0
Orfeo Toolbox
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oNMetaDataHelperContains small helper functions to manipulate itk::MetaDataDictionary
oNotbThe "otb" namespace contains all Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) classes
oCBinarySpectralAngleFunctorThis functor computes the spectral angle between two pixels
oCCloudDetectionFunctorThis functor first uses CloudEstimatorFunctor
oCCoherencyToReciprocalMuellerFunctorEvaluate the reciprocal Mueller matrix from the reciprocal coherency matrix image
oCConnectedComponentMuParserFunctorFunctor used as input to itk connected component segmentation module
oCConnectedComponentMuParserFunctorThis functor use MuParser as criteria for itk connected component module
oCDataObjectListInterfaceThis non template class is an interface that wrapp ObjectList
oCImageFileWriterExceptionBase exception class for IO problems during writing
oCLabelObjectOpeningMuParserImageFilterLabel Object opening using shape and radiometric attributes. Acception/rejection criteria is user defined via MuParser function
oCLocalRxDetectionFunctorThis functor computes a local Rx score on an input neighborhood. Pixel of the neighborhood inside the internal radius are not considered during the computation of local statistics
oCMaskMuParserFunctorFunctor used to create binary mask for input of connected component segmentation module
oCMaskMuParserFunctorThis functor use MuParser to evaluate and process mathematical expression
oCMaskMuParserImageFilterPerforms a mathematical operation on the input images according to the formula specified by the user. values different from 0 are set to 1
oCMPIManage MPI resources TODO
oCNCLSUnmixingImageFilterPerforms fully constrained least squares on each pixel of a VectorImage
oCOBIAMuParserFunctorUse MuParser criteria to accept/reject LabelObject given his shape and radiometrics statistics. This functor is based on the mathematical parser library muParser. The built in functions and operators list is available at: http://muparser.sourceforge.net/mup_features.html#idDef2
oCOBIAMuParserFunctorThis functor use MuParser to evaluate and process mathematical expression
oCotbBarnesDecompFunctorEvaluate the Huynen decomposition from the reciprocal Sinclair matrix image
oCotbEnvelopeSavitzkyGolayInterpolationFunctor: This class implements a Savitzky-Golay interpolation fitting the upper or lower envelope of the series being interpolated
oCotbHAlphaFunctorEvaluate the H-Alpha parameters from the reciprocal coherency matrix image
oCotbMDMDNMFImageFilterThis filter implements unmixing based non negative matrix factorization (NMF) which finds simultaneously the end members and abundances matrix which product is the closer to the observed data, based on the following works: K. S. F.J. Theis and T. Tanaka, First results on uniqueness of sparse non-negative matrix factorisation. M. G. A. Huck and J. Blanc-Talon, IEEE TGRS, vol. 48, no. 6, pp. 2590-2602, 2010. A. Huck and M. Guillaume, in WHISPERS, 2010, Grenoble
oCotbSavitzkyGolayInterpolationFunctor: This functor implements a local polynomial regression (of degree k) on a series of values (of at least k+1 points which are treated as being equally spaced in the series) to determine the smoothed value for each point
oCPersistentStreamingLabelImageToOGRDataFilterThis filter is a framework for large scale segmentation. For a detailed description
oCProjectiveProjectionImageFilterApplies a projective projection to each pixel of an image
oCSFSTexturesFunctorThis functor computes textures based on line direction analysis through the central pixel
oCSharkKMeansMachineLearningModelShark version of Random Forests algorithm
oCSharkRandomForestsMachineLearningModelShark version of Random Forests algorithm
oCSpectralAngleFunctorThis functor computes the spectral angle according to a reference pixel
oCStatisticsMapAccumulatorHolds statistics for each label of a label image
\CUtilsUtils operations