OTB  6.7.0
Orfeo Toolbox
CoherencyToReciprocalMuellerFunctor Class Reference

#include <otbReciprocalCoherencyToReciprocalMuellerImageFilter.h>

Detailed Description

Evaluate the reciprocal Mueller matrix from the reciprocal coherency matrix image.

Outpus are:

With: VAL0 = C_{33}+C_{12}-C_{11}-(C_{12}-C_{22})^{*} VAL1 = -C_{33}+C_{12}-C_{11}-(C_{12}-C_{22})^{*}

Where Coherency is the input pixel and contains:

The output pixel has 16 channels Element are stored from left to right, line by line.

Use otb::ReciprocalCoherencyToReciprocalMuellerImageFilter to apply it to an image.

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