OTB  6.7.0
Orfeo Toolbox
LandsatTMLinguisticVariables Class Reference

#include <otbLandsatTMIndices.h>

Detailed Description

Implementation of the linguistic labels assigned to fuzzy sets providing a complete partition of a feature space consisting of scalar variables representing specific Landsat TM indices as described in Baraldi et al. 2006, "Automatic Spectral Rule-Based Preliminary Mapping of Calibrated Landsat TM and ETM+ Images", IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol 44, no 9.

The hard coded thresholds are taken from table III of the paper. The implementation proposed here is not at all optimal in the sense that otb::FuzzyVariables are used where simple thresholds would be enough. This is done like this so this class can also provide (TODO) membership values instead of crisp ones.

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