OTB  6.7.0
Orfeo Toolbox
NCLSUnmixingImageFilter Class Reference

#include <otbNCLSUnmixingImageFilter.h>

Detailed Description

Performs fully constrained least squares on each pixel of a VectorImage.

This filter takes as input a multiband image and a matrix. If the matrix is called $A$, it solves, for each pixel $p$, the system $A \cdot x = p$ in the least square sense, with additional constraints on the solution $\hat{x}$ ensuring positivity (each component is positive) and additivity (the sum of all components is 1).

The main use of this filter is to unmix an hyperspectral dataset, where $A$ is the mixing matrix, in which each row corresponds to an endmember signature.

The number of rows in $A$ must match the input image number of bands. The number of bands in the output image will be the number of columns of $A$

References "Fully Constrained Least-Squares Based Linear Unmixing." Daniel Heinz, Chein-I Chang, and Mark L.G. Althouse. IEEE. 1999.

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