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mvd::OverviewBuilder Class Reference

#include <mvdOverviewBuilder.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector
< otb::GDALOverviewsBuilder::Pointer

Public Member Functions

 OverviewBuilder (const GDALOverviewsBuilderVector &builders, QObject *p=NULL)
void SetProgress (double) override
 ~OverviewBuilder () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from mvd::AbstractWorker
QString GetFirstProgressText () const
 ~AbstractWorker () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from mvd::ProgressInterface
virtual ~ProgressInterface ()

Private Member Functions

QObject * virtual_Do () override
QString virtual_GetFirstProgressText () const override

Private Attributes

int m_Count
GDALOverviewsBuilderVector m_GDALOverviewsBuilders
int m_Index

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from mvd::AbstractWorker
void Do () throw ()
- Signals inherited from mvd::AbstractWorker
void Done (QObject *result=NULL)
void ExceptionRaised (QString what)
void Finished ()
void ProgressRangeChanged (int min, int max)
void ProgressTextChanged (const QString &text)
void ProgressValueChanged (int value)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mvd::AbstractWorker
 AbstractWorker (QObject *p=NULL)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mvd::ProgressInterface
 ProgressInterface ()

Detailed Description

Import image worker. It is parametrized by the image filename and the desired (width, height) best-fit size.

Definition at line 79 of file mvdOverviewBuilder.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 86 of file mvdOverviewBuilder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mvd::OverviewBuilder::OverviewBuilder ( const GDALOverviewsBuilderVector builders,
QObject *  p = NULL 


mvd::OverviewBuilder::~OverviewBuilder ( )


Member Function Documentation

void mvd::OverviewBuilder::SetProgress ( double  )
QObject* mvd::OverviewBuilder::virtual_Do ( )

Signal emitted when job/task has correctly been done.

resultResulting QObject instance of NULL if none. Signal emitted when an exception has been caught by this worker.
excThe copy (thread safety) exception which has been caught.

Implements mvd::AbstractWorker.

QString mvd::OverviewBuilder::virtual_GetFirstProgressText ( ) const

Implements mvd::AbstractWorker.

Member Data Documentation

int mvd::OverviewBuilder::m_Count

Definition at line 183 of file mvdOverviewBuilder.h.

GDALOverviewsBuilderVector mvd::OverviewBuilder::m_GDALOverviewsBuilders

Definition at line 175 of file mvdOverviewBuilder.h.

int mvd::OverviewBuilder::m_Index

Definition at line 179 of file mvdOverviewBuilder.h.

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