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otb::Accessor::VectorImageToASPixelAccessor< T > Class Template Reference

#include <otbVectorImageToASPixelAccessor.h>

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Public Types

typedef itk::FixedArray< T, 3 > ExternalType
typedef itk::Vector< T, 3 > InternalType

Public Member Functions

void Set (InternalType &output, const ExternalType &input) const
ExternalType Get (const InternalType &input) const

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class otb::Accessor::VectorImageToASPixelAccessor< T >

Give access to a Vector pixel type as if it were a RGBPixel type.

This class is intended to be used as parameter of an ImageAdaptor to make an Vector image appear as being an image of RGB pixel type.

See Also

Definition at line 47 of file otbVectorImageToASPixelAccessor.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

External typedef. It defines the external aspect that this class will exhibit

Definition at line 55 of file otbVectorImageToASPixelAccessor.h.

Internal typedef. It defines the internal real representation of data

Definition at line 59 of file otbVectorImageToASPixelAccessor.h.

Standard class typedefs.

Definition at line 51 of file otbVectorImageToASPixelAccessor.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T>
ExternalType otb::Accessor::VectorImageToASPixelAccessor< T >::Get ( const InternalType input) const

Read access to the VectorToRGB component

Definition at line 70 of file otbVectorImageToASPixelAccessor.h.

template<class T>
void otb::Accessor::VectorImageToASPixelAccessor< T >::Set ( InternalType output,
const ExternalType input 
) const

Write access to the VectorToRGB component

Definition at line 62 of file otbVectorImageToASPixelAccessor.h.

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