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otb::Functor::CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor Class Reference

#include <otbCzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor.h>

Public Member Functions

 CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor ()
virtual ~CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor ()
template<unsigned int VDimension>
itk::Size< VDimension > operator() (unsigned int currentIteration, unsigned int numberOfIterations, const itk::Size< VDimension > &sizeInit) const

Detailed Description

Neighborhood size behavior over SOM training phase.

This class implements an evolution of the neighborhood size over the SOM training. It is issued from A. Cziho's PhD: "Compression d'images et analyse de contenu par quantification vectorielle" PhD dissertation, University of Rennes I, Rennes, France. May 5th, 1999.

The behavior of the radius r (ie.

component 0, 1, ...) is given by: $ r = r_{\textrm{init}} \left( 1 - \frac{t}{t_{\textrm{end}}} \right)^2 $

CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor uses some parameters of the SOM class such as:




which are parameters of the functor function.


is templated with the dimension of the neighborhoodSize.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

otb::Functor::CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor::CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor ( )

Empty constructor / descructor

Definition at line 60 of file otbCzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor.h.

virtual otb::Functor::CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor::~CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor ( )

Empty constructor / descructor

Definition at line 61 of file otbCzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<unsigned int VDimension>
itk::Size<VDimension> otb::Functor::CzihoSOMNeighborhoodBehaviorFunctor::operator() ( unsigned int  currentIteration,
unsigned int  numberOfIterations,
const itk::Size< VDimension > &  sizeInit 
) const

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