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otb::Functor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor Class Reference

#include <otbSOMLearningBehaviorFunctor.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual double operator() (unsigned int currentIteration, unsigned int numberOfIterations, double betaInit, double betaEnd) const
 SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor ()
virtual ~SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor ()

Detailed Description

Classical Beta behavior over SOM training phase.

This class implements an standard evolution of the $ \beta $ weightening coefficient over the SOM training.

\[ \beta = \beta_0 + \left( \beta_{\textrm{end}} - \beta_0 \right) \frac{t}{t_{\textrm{end}}} \]

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

otb::Functor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor ( )

Empty constructor / descructor

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virtual otb::Functor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor::~SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor ( )

Empty constructor / descructor

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Member Function Documentation

virtual double otb::Functor::SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor::operator() ( unsigned int  currentIteration,
unsigned int  numberOfIterations,
double  betaInit,
double  betaEnd 
) const


Definition at line 56 of file otbSOMLearningBehaviorFunctor.h.

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