OTB  6.7.0
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otb::GDALDriverManagerWrapper Class Reference

#include <otbGDALDriverManagerWrapper.h>

Public Member Functions

GDALDatasetWrapper::Pointer Create (std::string driverShortName, std::string filename, int nXSize, int nYSize, int nBands, GDALDataType eType, char **papszOptions) const
GDALDriver * GetDriverByName (std::string driverShortName) const
GDALDatasetWrapper::Pointer Open (std::string filename) const

Static Public Member Functions

static GDALDriverManagerWrapperGetInstance ()

Private Member Functions

 GDALDriverManagerWrapper ()
 ~GDALDriverManagerWrapper ()

Detailed Description

Provide an unique instance of a GDALDataSet.

This class provides an unique instance of GDALDataSet which remain available during all the program lifetime. This class automatically allocate and destroy the available gdal drivers.

Definition at line 60 of file otbGDALDriverManagerWrapper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

otb::GDALDriverManagerWrapper::GDALDriverManagerWrapper ( )
otb::GDALDriverManagerWrapper::~GDALDriverManagerWrapper ( )

Member Function Documentation

GDALDatasetWrapper::Pointer otb::GDALDriverManagerWrapper::Create ( std::string  driverShortName,
std::string  filename,
int  nXSize,
int  nYSize,
int  nBands,
GDALDataType  eType,
char **  papszOptions 
) const
GDALDriver* otb::GDALDriverManagerWrapper::GetDriverByName ( std::string  driverShortName) const
static GDALDriverManagerWrapper& otb::GDALDriverManagerWrapper::GetInstance ( )

Definition at line 65 of file otbGDALDriverManagerWrapper.h.

GDALDatasetWrapper::Pointer otb::GDALDriverManagerWrapper::Open ( std::string  filename) const

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