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otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h>

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Public Types

typedef itk::SmartPointer
< const Self
typedef ImageKeywordlist ImageKeywordlistType
typedef itk::ImageBase< 2 > ImageType
typedef itk::MetaDataDictionary MetaDataDictionaryType
typedef itk::SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef ImageMetadataInterfaceBase Self
typedef std::vector< std::string > StringVectorType
typedef itk::Object Superclass
typedef std::vector< unsigned int > UIntVectorType
typedef unsigned int UnsignedIntType
typedef MetaDataKey::VectorType VectorType
- Public Types inherited from itk::Object
typedef SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef Object Self
typedef LightObject Superclass
- Public Types inherited from itk::LightObject
typedef SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef LightObject Self

Public Member Functions

virtual bool CanRead () const =0
virtual UIntVectorType GetDefaultDisplay () const =0
virtual StringVectorType GetEnhancedBandNames () const =0
double GetGCPCol (unsigned int GCPnum) const
UnsignedIntType GetGCPCount () const
std::string GetGCPId (unsigned int GCPnum) const
std::string GetGCPInfo (unsigned int GCPnum) const
double GetGCPRow (unsigned int GCPnum) const
OTB_GCPGetGCPs (unsigned int GCPnum)
double GetGCPX (unsigned int GCPnum) const
double GetGCPY (unsigned int GCPnum) const
double GetGCPZ (unsigned int GCPnum) const
VectorType GetGeoTransform () const
ImageKeywordlistType GetImageKeywordlist ()
const ImageKeywordlistType GetImageKeywordlist () const
VectorType GetLowerLeftCorner () const
VectorType GetLowerRightCorner () const
const MetaDataDictionaryTypeGetMetaDataDictionary () const
virtual const char * GetNameOfClass () const
bool GetNoDataFlags (std::vector< bool > &flags, std::vector< double > &values) const
std::string GetProjectionRef () const
std::string const GetSensorID () const
bool GetSensorID (std::string &sensorId) const
VectorType GetUpperLeftCorner () const
VectorType GetUpperRightCorner () const
void SetImage (ImageType *image)
void SetMetaDataDictionary (const MetaDataDictionaryType &dict)
std::string GetGCPProjection () const
UnsignedIntType GetNumberOfBands () const
StringVectorType GetBandName () const
double GetXPixelSpacing () const
double GetYPixelSpacing () const
virtual int GetDay () const =0
virtual int GetMonth () const =0
virtual int GetYear () const =0
virtual int GetHour () const =0
virtual int GetMinute () const =0
virtual int GetProductionDay () const =0
virtual int GetProductionMonth () const =0
virtual int GetProductionYear () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
unsigned long AddObserver (const EventObject &event, Command *)
unsigned long AddObserver (const EventObject &event, Command *) const
virtual LightObject::Pointer CreateAnother () const override
virtual void DebugOff () const
virtual void DebugOn () const
CommandGetCommand (unsigned long tag)
bool GetDebug () const
const MetaDataDictionaryGetMetaDataDictionary () const
MetaDataDictionaryGetMetaDataDictionary ()
virtual ModifiedTimeType GetMTime () const
virtual const std::string & GetObjectName () const
virtual const TimeStampGetTimeStamp () const
bool HasObserver (const EventObject &event) const
void InvokeEvent (const EventObject &)
void InvokeEvent (const EventObject &) const
virtual void Modified () const
virtual void Register () const override
void RemoveAllObservers ()
void RemoveObserver (unsigned long tag)
void SetDebug (bool debugFlag) const
void SetMetaDataDictionary (const MetaDataDictionary &rhs)
virtual void SetObjectName (std::string _arg)
virtual void SetReferenceCount (int) override
virtual void UnRegister () const noexceptoverride
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
virtual void Delete ()
virtual int GetReferenceCount () const
 itkCloneMacro (Self)
void Print (std::ostream &os, Indent indent=0) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void PrintMetadata (std::ostream &os, itk::Indent indent, const MetaDataDictionaryType &dict)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
static bool GetGlobalWarningDisplay ()
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOff ()
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOn ()
static Pointer New ()
static void SetGlobalWarningDisplay (bool flag)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
static void BreakOnError ()
static Pointer New ()

Protected Member Functions

 ImageMetadataInterfaceBase ()
void PrintSelf (std::ostream &os, itk::Indent indent) const override
 ~ImageMetadataInterfaceBase () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
 Object ()
bool PrintObservers (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual void SetTimeStamp (const TimeStamp &time)
virtual ~Object ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
virtual LightObject::Pointer InternalClone () const
 LightObject ()
virtual void PrintHeader (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual void PrintTrailer (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual ~LightObject ()

Protected Attributes

MetaDataDictionaryType m_MetaDataDictionary
- Protected Attributes inherited from itk::LightObject
AtomicInt< int > m_ReferenceCount

Private Member Functions

 ImageMetadataInterfaceBase (const Self &)=delete
void operator= (const Self &)=delete

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Base class for captor metadata reading.

Definition at line 43 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 50 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 59 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 53 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 56 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 49 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 47 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

typedef std::vector<std::string> otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::StringVectorType

Definition at line 61 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 48 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

typedef std::vector<unsigned int> otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::UIntVectorType

Definition at line 62 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 60 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 58 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Definition at line 57 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase ( )
otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::~ImageMetadataInterfaceBase ( )

Definition at line 230 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase ( const Self )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::CanRead ( ) const
pure virtual
StringVectorType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetBandName ( ) const

Get the band name from the ossim metadata

virtual int otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetDay ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual UIntVectorType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetDefaultDisplay ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual StringVectorType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetEnhancedBandNames ( ) const
pure virtual
double otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPCol ( unsigned int  GCPnum) const
UnsignedIntType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPCount ( ) const
std::string otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPId ( unsigned int  GCPnum) const
std::string otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPInfo ( unsigned int  GCPnum) const
std::string otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPProjection ( ) const

Get the GCP projection coordinates of the image.

double otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPRow ( unsigned int  GCPnum) const
OTB_GCP& otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPs ( unsigned int  GCPnum)
double otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPX ( unsigned int  GCPnum) const
double otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPY ( unsigned int  GCPnum) const
double otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGCPZ ( unsigned int  GCPnum) const
VectorType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetGeoTransform ( ) const

Get the six coefficients of affine geoTtransform.

virtual int otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetHour ( ) const
pure virtual
ImageKeywordlistType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetImageKeywordlist ( )
const ImageKeywordlistType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetImageKeywordlist ( ) const
VectorType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetLowerLeftCorner ( ) const
VectorType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetLowerRightCorner ( ) const
const MetaDataDictionaryType& otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetMetaDataDictionary ( ) const

Get the MetadataDictionary

Definition at line 78 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

virtual int otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetMinute ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual int otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetMonth ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual const char* otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetNameOfClass ( ) const
bool otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetNoDataFlags ( std::vector< bool > &  flags,
std::vector< double > &  values 
) const

Get The no data flags if existing return False otherwise

UnsignedIntType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetNumberOfBands ( ) const

Get the number of bands from the ossim metadata

virtual int otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetProductionDay ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual int otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetProductionMonth ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual int otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetProductionYear ( ) const
pure virtual
std::string otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetProjectionRef ( ) const

Get the projection coordinate system of the image.

std::string const otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetSensorID ( ) const

This method is less performant and has extra copy. Please use bool GetSensorID(std::string& )

bool otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetSensorID ( std::string &  sensorId) const

Get the sensor ID from the ossim metadata

VectorType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetUpperLeftCorner ( ) const

Get image corners.

VectorType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetUpperRightCorner ( ) const
double otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetXPixelSpacing ( ) const

Get the x pixel spacing

virtual int otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetYear ( ) const
pure virtual
double otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::GetYPixelSpacing ( ) const

Get the y pixel spacing

void otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::operator= ( const Self )
static void otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::PrintMetadata ( std::ostream &  os,
itk::Indent  indent,
const MetaDataDictionaryType dict 
void otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::PrintSelf ( std::ostream &  os,
itk::Indent  indent 
) const
void otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::SetImage ( ImageType image)

Set the image used to get the metadata

Definition at line 66 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

References itk::Object::GetMetaDataDictionary().

void otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::SetMetaDataDictionary ( const MetaDataDictionaryType dict)

Set the MetadataDictionary

Definition at line 72 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

Member Data Documentation

OTB_GCP otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::m_GCP

Definition at line 240 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

MetaDataDictionaryType otb::ImageMetadataInterfaceBase::m_MetaDataDictionary

Definition at line 234 of file otbImageMetadataInterfaceBase.h.

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