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otb::RadiometryCorrectionParametersToAtmosphericRadiativeTerms Class Reference

#include <otbRadiometryCorrectionParametersToAtmosphericRadiativeTerms.h>

Static Public Member Functions

Compute (AtmosphericCorrectionParameters *paramAtmo, ImageMetadataCorrectionParameters *paramAcqui)

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Definition at line 41 of file otbRadiometryCorrectionParametersToAtmosphericRadiativeTerms.h.

Member Function Documentation

static AtmosphericRadiativeTerms::Pointer otb::RadiometryCorrectionParametersToAtmosphericRadiativeTerms::Compute ( AtmosphericCorrectionParameters paramAtmo,
ImageMetadataCorrectionParameters paramAcqui 

Call the varSol function

The Solar zenithal angle

The Solar azimutal angle

The Viewing zenithal angle

The Viewing azimutal angle

The Month

The Day (in the month)

The Atmospheric pressure

The Water vapor amount (Total water vapor content over vertical atmospheric column)

The Ozone amount (Stratospheric ozone layer content)

The Aerosol model

The Aerosol optical (radiative impact of aerosol for the reference wavelength 550-nm)

Wavelength for the spectral band definition

Note : The Max wavelength spectral band value must be updated !

Atmospheric reflectance

atmospheric spherical albedo

Total gaseous transmission

downward transmittance

upward transmittance

Upward diffuse transmittance

Upward direct transmittance

Upward diffuse transmittance for rayleigh

Upward diffuse transmittance for aerosols

Definition at line 46 of file otbRadiometryCorrectionParametersToAtmosphericRadiativeTerms.h.

References otb::SIXSTraits::ComputeAtmosphericParameters(), otb::ImageMetadataCorrectionParameters::GetWavelengthSpectralBand(), and otb::AtmosphericRadiativeTerms::New().

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