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otb::SoilDataBase Class Reference

#include <otbSoilDataBase.h>

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Public Types

using SoilData = std::unordered_map< WavelenghtType, double >
using SoilDataVector = std::vector< SoilData >
using WavelenghtType = unsigned int

Public Member Functions

const SoilDataVectorGetDB () const
double GetReflectance (vcl_size_t SoilIndex, WavelenghtType wl) const
 SoilDataBase (const std::string &SoilFileName, double wlfactor)

Protected Member Functions

vcl_size_t CountColumns (std::string fileName) const
void ParseSoilFile ()

Protected Attributes

SoilDataVector m_SoilDataVector
std::string m_SoilFileName
std::vector< WavelenghtTypem_Wavelengths
double m_WlFactor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file otbSoilDataBase.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

using otb::SoilDataBase::SoilData = std::unordered_map<WavelenghtType, double>

Definition at line 39 of file otbSoilDataBase.h.

Definition at line 40 of file otbSoilDataBase.h.

using otb::SoilDataBase::WavelenghtType = unsigned int

Definition at line 38 of file otbSoilDataBase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

otb::SoilDataBase::SoilDataBase ( const std::string &  SoilFileName,
double  wlfactor 

Member Function Documentation

vcl_size_t otb::SoilDataBase::CountColumns ( std::string  fileName) const
const SoilDataVector& otb::SoilDataBase::GetDB ( ) const
double otb::SoilDataBase::GetReflectance ( vcl_size_t  SoilIndex,
WavelenghtType  wl 
) const
void otb::SoilDataBase::ParseSoilFile ( )

Member Data Documentation

SoilDataVector otb::SoilDataBase::m_SoilDataVector

Definition at line 52 of file otbSoilDataBase.h.

std::string otb::SoilDataBase::m_SoilFileName

Definition at line 50 of file otbSoilDataBase.h.

std::vector<WavelenghtType> otb::SoilDataBase::m_Wavelengths

Definition at line 53 of file otbSoilDataBase.h.

double otb::SoilDataBase::m_WlFactor

Definition at line 51 of file otbSoilDataBase.h.

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