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otb::StandardFilterWatcher Class Reference

#include <otbStandardFilterWatcher.h>

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Public Member Functions

void operator= (const StandardFilterWatcher &)
 StandardFilterWatcher (itk::ProcessObject *process, const char *comment="")
 StandardFilterWatcher (itk::ProcessObject *process, const std::string &comment="")
 StandardFilterWatcher ()
 StandardFilterWatcher (const StandardFilterWatcher &)
void SetStars (int count)
const int & GetStars () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from otb::FilterWatcherBase
 FilterWatcherBase (itk::ProcessObject *process, const char *comment="")
 FilterWatcherBase ()
 FilterWatcherBase (const FilterWatcherBase &)
std::string GetComment ()
const char * GetNameOfClass ()
itk::ProcessObjectGetProcess ()
otb::StopwatchGetStopwatch ()
void operator= (const FilterWatcherBase &)
virtual ~FilterWatcherBase ()

Protected Member Functions

void EndFilter () override
void ShowProgress () override
void StartFilter () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from otb::FilterWatcherBase
virtual void ShowProgressCallback ()
virtual void StartFilterCallback ()
virtual void EndFilterCallback ()

Private Attributes

std::string m_Buffer
bool m_CoutIsConsole
int m_CurrentNbStars
int m_StarsCount

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from otb::FilterWatcherBase
< FilterWatcherBase
- Protected Attributes inherited from otb::FilterWatcherBase
std::string m_Comment
bool m_Ended
CommandType::Pointer m_EndFilterCommand
unsigned long m_EndTag
itk::ProcessObject::Pointer m_Process
CommandType::Pointer m_ProgressFilterCommand
unsigned long m_ProgressTag
bool m_Started
CommandType::Pointer m_StartFilterCommand
unsigned long m_StartTag
otb::Stopwatch m_Stopwatch

Detailed Description

This class shows the percentage progress execution of the pipeline filtering process.

This class is based on Observer design patter Abstract class ProcessObject is the subject Event are observers

Usage example:

FilterType::Pointer thresholdFilter = FilterType::New();
StandardFilterWatcher watcher(thresholdFilter, "Threshold");
See Also

Definition at line 52 of file otbStandardFilterWatcher.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

otb::StandardFilterWatcher::StandardFilterWatcher ( itk::ProcessObject process,
const char *  comment = "" 

Constructor. Takes a ProcessObject to monitor and an optional comment string that is prepended to each event message.

otb::StandardFilterWatcher::StandardFilterWatcher ( itk::ProcessObject process,
const std::string &  comment = "" 
otb::StandardFilterWatcher::StandardFilterWatcher ( )

Default constructor

Definition at line 65 of file otbStandardFilterWatcher.h.

otb::StandardFilterWatcher::StandardFilterWatcher ( const StandardFilterWatcher )

Copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

void otb::StandardFilterWatcher::EndFilter ( )

Callback method to show the EndEvent

Implements otb::FilterWatcherBase.

const int& otb::StandardFilterWatcher::GetStars ( ) const

Get/Set number of stars

Definition at line 78 of file otbStandardFilterWatcher.h.

void otb::StandardFilterWatcher::operator= ( const StandardFilterWatcher )


void otb::StandardFilterWatcher::SetStars ( int  count)

Get/Set number of stars

Definition at line 74 of file otbStandardFilterWatcher.h.

void otb::StandardFilterWatcher::ShowProgress ( )

Callback method to show the ProgressEvent

Implements otb::FilterWatcherBase.

void otb::StandardFilterWatcher::StartFilter ( )

Callback method to show the StartEvent

Implements otb::FilterWatcherBase.

Member Data Documentation

std::string otb::StandardFilterWatcher::m_Buffer

Definition at line 104 of file otbStandardFilterWatcher.h.

bool otb::StandardFilterWatcher::m_CoutIsConsole

Definition at line 102 of file otbStandardFilterWatcher.h.

int otb::StandardFilterWatcher::m_CurrentNbStars

Definition at line 100 of file otbStandardFilterWatcher.h.

int otb::StandardFilterWatcher::m_StarsCount

Stars coutning

Definition at line 98 of file otbStandardFilterWatcher.h.

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