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otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup Class Reference

#include <otbWrapperQtWidgetParameterGroup.h>

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Public Slots

void SetActivationState (bool value) override
- Public Slots inherited from otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterBase
virtual void SetActivationState (bool value)
void UpdateGUI ()

Public Member Functions

 QtWidgetParameterGroup (ParameterGroup::Pointer, QtWidgetModel *, QWidget *)
 ~QtWidgetParameterGroup () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterBase
void CreateWidget ()
virtual bool IsChecked () const
 QtWidgetParameterBase (Parameter *, QtWidgetModel *, QWidget *parent)
virtual void SetChecked (const bool value)
 ~QtWidgetParameterBase () override

Private Types

typedef WidgetListType::iterator WidgetListIteratorType
typedef std::vector
< QtWidgetParameterBase * > 

Private Member Functions

void DoCreateWidget () override
void DoUpdateGUI () override
void operator= (const QtWidgetParameterGroup &)=delete
virtual void ProcessChild (QObject *currentNode, bool status)
 QtWidgetParameterGroup (const QtWidgetParameterGroup &)=delete

Private Attributes

ParameterGroup::Pointer m_ParamList
WidgetListType m_WidgetList

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterBase
void ParameterActiveStatus (bool value)
- Protected Slots inherited from otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterBase
void ParameterChanged (const QString &key)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterBase
bool eventFilter (QObject *o, QEvent *e) override
QtWidgetModelGetModel ()
const ParameterGetParam () const
ParameterGetParam ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file otbWrapperQtWidgetParameterGroup.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef WidgetListType::iterator otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::WidgetListIteratorType

Definition at line 63 of file otbWrapperQtWidgetParameterGroup.h.

Definition at line 62 of file otbWrapperQtWidgetParameterGroup.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::QtWidgetParameterGroup ( ParameterGroup::Pointer  ,
QtWidgetModel ,
QWidget *   
otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::~QtWidgetParameterGroup ( )
otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::QtWidgetParameterGroup ( const QtWidgetParameterGroup )

Member Function Documentation

void otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::DoCreateWidget ( )
void otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::DoUpdateGUI ( )
void otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::operator= ( const QtWidgetParameterGroup )
virtual void otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::ProcessChild ( QObject *  currentNode,
bool  status 
void otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::SetActivationState ( bool  value)

Member Data Documentation

ParameterGroup::Pointer otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::m_ParamList

Definition at line 60 of file otbWrapperQtWidgetParameterGroup.h.

WidgetListType otb::Wrapper::QtWidgetParameterGroup::m_WidgetList

Definition at line 64 of file otbWrapperQtWidgetParameterGroup.h.

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