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otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <otbWrapperStringListInterface.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< std::string > StringVector

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddFromFileName (const std::string &)=0
virtual void AddNullElement ()
virtual void Erase (std::vcl_size_t id)
virtual void Erase (std::vcl_size_t start, std::vcl_size_t count)=0
virtual Role GetDirection (std::vcl_size_t) const
virtual Role GetDirection () const =0
virtual const std::string & GetFilenameFilter (std::vcl_size_t) const
virtual const std::string & GetFilenameFilter () const
virtual StringVector GetFileNameList () const =0
virtual std::string GetNthFileName (std::vcl_size_t i) const =0
virtual std::vcl_size_t GetStrings (StringVector &) const
virtual const std::string & GetToolTip (std::vcl_size_t) const =0
virtual void Insert (const std::string &filename, std::vcl_size_t=-1)=0
virtual void InsertNullElement (std::vcl_size_t=-1)=0
virtual bool IsActive (std::vcl_size_t) const =0
virtual bool IsFilename () const
virtual void SetListFromFileName (const StringVector &)=0
virtual void SetNthFileName (std::vcl_size_t, const std::string &)=0
virtual std::vcl_size_t SetStrings (const StringVector &)
virtual std::vcl_size_t Size () const =0
virtual void Swap (std::vcl_size_t, std::vcl_size_t)=0

Protected Member Functions

 StringListInterface ()

Detailed Description

This class represents a list of InputFilename parameter.

Definition at line 44 of file otbWrapperStringListInterface.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector< std::string > otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::StringVector

Definition at line 48 of file otbWrapperStringListInterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::StringListInterface ( )


Definition at line 115 of file otbWrapperStringListInterface.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::AddFromFileName ( const std::string &  )
pure virtual
virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::AddNullElement ( )

Add null element to lists.

virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::Erase ( std::vcl_size_t  id)

Erase one element of the list.

virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::Erase ( std::vcl_size_t  start,
std::vcl_size_t  count 
pure virtual
virtual Role otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::GetDirection ( std::vcl_size_t  ) const
virtual Role otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::GetDirection ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual const std::string& otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::GetFilenameFilter ( std::vcl_size_t  ) const
virtual const std::string& otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::GetFilenameFilter ( ) const
virtual StringVector otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::GetFileNameList ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual std::string otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::GetNthFileName ( std::vcl_size_t  i) const
pure virtual
virtual std::vcl_size_t otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::GetStrings ( StringVector ) const
virtual const std::string& otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::GetToolTip ( std::vcl_size_t  ) const
pure virtual
virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::Insert ( const std::string &  filename,
std::vcl_size_t  = -1 
pure virtual
virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::InsertNullElement ( std::vcl_size_t  = -1)
pure virtual
virtual bool otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::IsActive ( std::vcl_size_t  ) const
pure virtual
virtual bool otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::IsFilename ( ) const
virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::SetListFromFileName ( const StringVector )
pure virtual
virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::SetNthFileName ( std::vcl_size_t  ,
const std::string &   
pure virtual
virtual std::vcl_size_t otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::SetStrings ( const StringVector )
virtual std::vcl_size_t otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::Size ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void otb::Wrapper::StringListInterface::Swap ( std::vcl_size_t  ,
pure virtual

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