OTB  6.7.0
Orfeo Toolbox
Image Enhancement Filters
+ Collaboration diagram for Image Enhancement Filters:


class  otb::AttributesMapOpeningLabelMapFilter< TImage >
class  otb::BandsStatisticsAttributesLabelMapFilter< TImage, TFeatureImage >
class  otb::LabelMapFeaturesFunctorImageFilter< TImage, TFunctor >
class  otb::LabelMapToLabelImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
class  otb::MeanShiftSmoothingImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage, TKernel, TOutputIterationImage >
class  otb::NeighborhoodMajorityVotingImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage, TKernel >
class  otb::ShapeAttributesLabelMapFilter< TImage, TLabelImage >
class  otb::StatisticsAttributesLabelMapFilter< TImage, TFeatureImage >

Detailed Description

Image enhancement filters process an image to enhance the appearance of an image either for visualization purposes or for further processing. Examples of image enhancement filters available in ITK are: anisotropic diffusion, Gaussian filter, and histogram equalization.