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 Filters of geometries sets
 Geometry Internals
 OGRGeometry Wrappers


file  otbOGR.h




class  otb::ogr::DataSource
class  otb::ogr::Feature
class  otb::ogr::Layer::feature_iter< Value >
class  otb::ogr::Field
class  otb::ogr::FieldDefn
class  otb::GeometriesSet
class  otb::ogr::ImageReference< TPrecision >
class  otb::ogr::Layer
class  otb::ogr::DataSource::layer_iter< Value >
class  otb::ogr::StringListConverter


OTBGdalAdapters_EXPORT bool otb::ogr::operator== (Layer const &lhs, Layer const &rhs)
template<typename TResult , class TGeometry , typename TFunctor >
TResult otb::ogr::apply (TGeometry *geometry, TFunctor functor)

Detailed Description

Classes and functions aimed toward the manipulation of set of geometric objects. This module mainly provides an encapsulation of OGR API.

Function Documentation

template<typename TResult , class TGeometry , typename TFunctor >
TResult otb::ogr::apply ( TGeometry *  geometry,
TFunctor  functor 

External polymorphic call of functions on OGRGeometry. This helper function tries to polymorphically dispatch the call of a function on the right OGRGeometry subtype.

Definition at line 75 of file otbOGRGeometriesVisitor.h.

References TRY_APPLY.

Referenced by otb::SarRadiometricCalibrationToImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >::BeforeThreadedGenerateData().

OTBGdalAdapters_EXPORT bool otb::ogr::operator== ( Layer const &  lhs,
Layer const &  rhs 

Compares layers identities.

whether the two layers are in fact the same.

Definition at line 528 of file otbOGRLayerWrapper.h.

References otb::ogr::Layer::m_Layer.