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otbFunctorImageFilter.hxx File Reference
#include "otbFunctorImageFilter.h"
#include "itkProgressReporter.h"
#include "itkConstNeighborhoodIterator.h"
#include "itkImageRegionConstIterator.h"
#include "itkImageScanlineIterator.h"
#include <array>
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struct  otb::functor_filter_details::GetProxy< T >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::GetProxy< itk::ConstNeighborhoodIterator< T > >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::GetProxy< itk::ImageRegionConstIterator< T > >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::MakeIterator< N >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::MakeIterator< std::false_type >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::MakeIterator< std::true_type >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::NumberOfOutputComponents< F, O, N >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::NumberOfOutputComponents< F, otb::Image< T >, N >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::NumberOfOutputComponents< F, otb::VectorImage< T >, N >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::OperProxy< Oper >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::OperProxy< Out(*)(In...)>
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::OperProxy< Out(C::*)(In...) const >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::OperProxy< Out(C::*)(In...)>
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::OperProxy< void(*)(Out &, In...)>
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::OperProxy< void(C::*)(Out &, In...) const >
struct  otb::functor_filter_details::OperProxy< void(C::*)(Out &, In...)>




template<class Out , class Oper , typename... Args>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::CallOperator (Out &out, Oper &oper, std::tuple< Args...> &t)
template<class Tuple , class Out , class Oper , vcl_size_t... Is>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::CallOperatorImpl (Tuple &t, Out &out, Oper &oper, std::index_sequence< Is...>)
template<typename... T>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::GetNumberOfComponentsPerInput (std::tuple< T...> &t)
template<class Tuple , vcl_size_t... Is>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::GetNumberOfComponentsPerInputImpl (Tuple &t, std::index_sequence< Is...>)
template<class TNeigh , typename... T>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::MakeIterators (std::tuple< T...> &&t, const itk::ImageRegion< 2 > &region, const itk::Size< 2 > &radius, TNeigh n)
template<class TNeigh , class Tuple , vcl_size_t... Is>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::MakeIteratorsImpl (const Tuple &t, const itk::ImageRegion< 2 > &region, const itk::Size< 2 > &radius, std::index_sequence< Is...>, TNeigh)
template<typename... Args>
void otb::functor_filter_details::MoveIterators (std::tuple< Args...> &t)
template<class Tuple , vcl_size_t... Is>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::MoveIteratorsImpl (Tuple &t, std::index_sequence< Is...>)
template<class T >
int otb::functor_filter_details::SetInputRequestedRegion (const T *img, const itk::ImageRegion< 2 > &region, const itk::Size< 2 > &radius, bool pad)
template<typename HasNeighborhood , typename... T>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::SetInputRequestedRegions (std::tuple< T...> &&t, const itk::ImageRegion< 2 > &region, const itk::Size< 2 > &radius)
template<typename HasNeighborhood , class Tuple , vcl_size_t... Is>
auto otb::functor_filter_details::SetInputRequestedRegionsImpl (Tuple &t, const itk::ImageRegion< 2 > &region, std::index_sequence< Is...>, const itk::Size< 2 > &radius)