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otb::DataSpec Struct Reference

#include <otbDataSpecP5B.h>

Public Attributes

double brownAbsCoef
double carAbsCoef
double chlAbsCoef
double diffuseLight
double directLight
double dryAbsCoef
double drySoil
double lambda
double refLeafMatInd
double waterAbsCoef
double wetSoil

Detailed Description

This struct contains the specific absorption coefficients of each constituent and the refractive index of leaf materia.

[1] = wavelength (nm) [2] = refractive index of leaf material [3] = specific absorption coefficient of chlorophyll (a+b) (cm2.microg-1) [4] = specific absorption coefficient of carotenoids (cm2.microg-1) [5] = specific absorption coefficient of brown pigments (arbitrary units) [6] = specific absorption coefficient of water (cm-1) [7] = specific absorption coefficient of dry matter (g.cm-1) [8] = direct light [9] = diffuse light [10] = dry soil [11] = wet soil Feret et al. (2008), PROSPECT-4 and 5: Advances in the Leaf Optical Properties Model Separating Photosynthetic Pigments, Remote Sensing of Environment The specific absorption coefficient corresponding to brown pigment is provided by Frederic Baret (EMMAH, INRA Avignon, baret.nosp@m.@avi.nosp@m.gnon..nosp@m.inra.nosp@m..fr) and used with his authorization.

Definition at line 49 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

Member Data Documentation

double otb::DataSpec::brownAbsCoef

Definition at line 55 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::carAbsCoef

Definition at line 54 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::chlAbsCoef

Definition at line 53 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::diffuseLight

Definition at line 59 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::directLight

Definition at line 58 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::dryAbsCoef

Definition at line 57 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::drySoil

Definition at line 60 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::lambda

Definition at line 51 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::refLeafMatInd

Definition at line 52 of file otbDataSpecP5B.h.

double otb::DataSpec::waterAbsCoef

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double otb::DataSpec::wetSoil

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