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otb::FieldCopyTransformation Struct Reference

#include <otbGeometriesToGeometriesFilter.h>

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Public Member Functions

void DefineFields (ogr::Layer const &source, ogr::Layer &dest) const
void fieldsTransform (ogr::Feature const &) const
void fieldsTransform (ogr::Feature const &inFeature, ogr::Feature &outFeature) const
OGRFeatureDefn & getDefinition (ogr::Layer &outLayer) const

Private Attributes

std::map< int, int > m_SourceToDestFieldIndicesMap

Detailed Description

Helper class to operate an exact copy of the fields from a source layer.

OTB v 3.14.0

Definition at line 187 of file otbGeometriesToGeometriesFilter.h.

Member Function Documentation

void otb::FieldCopyTransformation::DefineFields ( ogr::Layer const &  source,
ogr::Layer dest 
) const

Defines the fields in the destination layer. The default action is to copy all fields from one layer to another.

[in]sourcesource Layer
[in,out]destdestination Layer
itk::ExceptionObjectin case the operation cannot succeed.
void otb::FieldCopyTransformation::fieldsTransform ( ogr::Feature const &  ) const

In-place transformation: does nothing.


Definition at line 198 of file otbGeometriesToGeometriesFilter.h.

void otb::FieldCopyTransformation::fieldsTransform ( ogr::Feature const &  inFeature,
ogr::Feature outFeature 
) const

By-Copy transformation: copies all fields.

[in]inFeatureinput Feature
[in,out]outFeatureoutput Feature
itk::ExceptionObjectif the fields cannot be copied.
OGRFeatureDefn& otb::FieldCopyTransformation::getDefinition ( ogr::Layer outLayer) const

Member Data Documentation

std::map<int,int> otb::FieldCopyTransformation::m_SourceToDestFieldIndicesMap

Associative table to know how fields are mapped from one layer to another. This table is necessary as:

  • some data source drivers add their own fields (as a consequence, the number of fields differ between two layers).
  • other data source drivers truncate the name of the fields (as a consequence, we can't rely on field names).
    std::map may not be the fastest structure available => use a (sorted?) vector of pairs of ints, and search with a simple std::find (as we can expect the number of fields to be quite low).

Definition at line 232 of file otbGeometriesToGeometriesFilter.h.

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