OTB  6.7.0
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otb::ogr::propagate_const< Tin, Tout > Struct Template Reference

#include <otbOGRGeometriesVisitor.h>

Public Types

typedef Tout type

Detailed Description

template<typename Tin, typename Tout>
struct otb::ogr::propagate_const< Tin, Tout >

propagation of const-qualifier.

This type traits is likelly to appear in boost at some point in time.
As a consequence, it follows C++ standard and boost naming policy.
OTB v 3.14.0

Definition at line 42 of file otbOGRGeometriesVisitor.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename Tin , typename Tout >
typedef Tout otb::ogr::propagate_const< Tin, Tout >::type

Definition at line 43 of file otbOGRGeometriesVisitor.h.

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