OTB  7.3.0
Orfeo Toolbox

#include <otbMaskMuParserFilter.h>

Detailed Description

Performs a mathematical operation on the input images according to the formula specified by the user. values different from 0 are set to 1.

This filter is based on the mathematical parser library muParser. The built in functions and operators list is available at: http://muparser.sourceforge.net/mup_features.html#idDef2

OTB additional functions: ndvi(r, niri)

OTB additional constants: e - log2e - log10e - ln2 - ln10 - pi - euler

an input vector image and a Mu Parser compliant fomula is needed each band of vector image is name bX, where X is the band index for example b2 correspond to the second band of the input image. Next step is to set the expression according to the variable names. For example, in the default case with three input images the following expression is valid : "b1<140"

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