OTB  7.2.0
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otbWrapperTags.h File Reference
#include <string>
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static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Analysis = "Image Analysis"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Calibration = "Calibration"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::ChangeDetection = "Change Detection"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Coordinates = "Coordinates"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Deprecated = "Deprecated"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::DimensionReduction = "Dimensionality Reduction"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::FeatureExtraction = "Feature Extraction"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Filter = "Image Filtering"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Geometry = "Geometry"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Hyperspectral = "Hyperspectral"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Learning = "Learning"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Manip = "Image Manipulation"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Meta = "Image MetaData"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Multi = "Image MultiResolution"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Pansharpening = "Pansharpening"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Raster = "Raster"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::SAR = "SAR"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Segmentation = "Segmentation"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Stereo = "Stereo"
static const std::string otb::Wrapper::Tags::Vector = "Vector Data Manipulation"