2.1 Introduction

The OTB Applications package makes available a set of simple software tools, designed to demonstrate what can be done with Orfeo ToolBox. Many users started using these applications for real processing tasks, so we tried to make them more generic, more robust and easy to use. Orfeo ToolBox users have been asking for an integrated application for a while, since using several applications for a complete processing (ortho-rectification, segmentation, classification, etc.) can be a burden. The OTB team received a request from CNES’ Strategy and Programs Office in order to provide an integrated application for capacity building activities (teaching, simple image manipulation, etc.). The specifications included ease of integration of new processing modules.

Warning : since version 3.0.0, there is only one Monteverdi, which replaces monteverdi2 and the original monteverdi 1 (version lower than 1.24.0).