2.2 Installation

The application is called Monteverdi, since this is the name of the Orfeo composer. The application allows you to build interactively remote sensing processes based on the Orfeo ToolBox. This is also in remembering of the great (and once open source) Khoros/Cantata software.

Installation of Monteverdi is very simple. Standard installer packages are available on the main platforms thanks to OTB-Developpers and external users. These packages are available few days after the release. Get the latest information on binary packages on the Orfeo ToolBox website in the section download.

We will describe in the following sections the way to install Monteverdi on:

If you want to build from source or if we don’t provide packages for your system, some informations are available into the OTB Software Guide, in the section (Building from Source). Note that the git repository of Monteverdi is located here : https://git.orfeo-toolbox.org/monteverdi2.git. In order to get the source of Monteverdi, you will have to be placed on the right branch : git checkout 3.0.0-rc1

  2.2.1 Windows XP/Seven/8.1
  2.2.2 MacOS X
  2.2.3 Ubuntu 14.x and higher