2.4 Examples

With Monteverdi, it is also possible to interactively load otb-applications and use them to process images. For that purpose, the user just has to load otb-applications by clicking on the Main menu, File/Load OTB-Applications (or by simply using the shortcut CTRL+A). The figure below ( 2.5) represents the otb-applications loading window. The applications are arranged in thematic functionalities; the user can also quickly find the wanted application by typing its name in the dedicated field at the top of the loading window.


Figure 2.5: Applications window.

  2.4.1 Optical calibration
  2.4.2 BandMath
  2.4.3 Segmentation
  2.4.4 Polarimetry
  2.4.5 Pansharpening
  2.4.6 Conclusion