Open Source processing of remote sensing images


Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) is an open-source project for state-of-the-art remote sensing. Built on the shoulders of the open-source geospatial community, it can process high resolution optical, multispectral and radar images at the terabyte scale. A wide variety of applications are available: from ortho-rectification or pansharpening, all the way to classification, SAR processing, and much more!

All of OTB’s algorithms are accessible from Monteverdi, QGIS, Python, the command line or C++. Monteverdi is an easy to use visualization tool with an emphasis on hardware accelerated rendering for high resolution imagery (optical and SAR). With it, end-users can visualize huge raw imagery products and access all of the applications in the toolbox. From resource limited laptops to high performance MPI clusters, OTB is available on Linux, macOS and Windows. It is community driven, extensible and heavily documented. Orfeo ToolBox is not a black box!


Recent News

  • OTB @ FOSS4G 2019 in Bucarest !- The FOSS4G conference took place in Bucarest, for one week (26th – 31th of August). This event is the right place to meet people from the Open Source geospatial community ! It gathered more than 1000 participants, coming from 114 different countries… Two days of training sessions During the first two days, we had the […]
  • Orfeo ToolBox and GEOBIA classification of UAV imagery in forest ecosystems- Authors: Giuseppe Modica, Joao Silva and Giandomenico De Luca. The availability of very high resolution (VHR) images acquired from sensors assembled on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has introduced a new set of possibilities for classifying land cover types at finer levels of spatial detail, thus granting environmental monitoring with more precision and efficiency while opening […]
  • For a few builds more- The OTB team is currently working on a new Continuous Integration system. It will provide a better feedback to OTB contributors and developers, similar to what is proposed by the Github / Travis-CI combo. The current testing platform used by OTB is made of CTest scripts that run on half a dozen servers. It is […]
  • The road to OTB 7- The lastest OTB release, version 6.6.1, was released more than six months ago! We usually aim for a release every 3 months, so what happened? Let’s take a look. OTB is a large project with many components, modules and dependencies. After more than 10 years of development, we have accumulated a lot of technical debt: […]
  • OTB Users Day 2018 – Recap- The OTB team is proud to have hosted the fourth edition of OTB User Days! Thank you to everyone who attended, what a successful workshop! This yearly in-person meeting of the OTB community is open to everyone. This year we were hosted by Agropolis in Montepellier, France. About 70 people attended from many different countries! […]