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class  otb::Functor::DotProductFunctor< TInput, TOutput >
class  otb::FunctorImageFilter< TFunction, TNameMap >
class  otb::Functor::VariadicAdd< TOut, TIns >
class  otb::Functor::VariadicConcatenate< TOut, TIns >
class  otb::VariadicInputsImageFilter< TOuptut, TInputs >
class  otb::VariadicNamedInputsImageFilter< TOuptut, TInputNameMap, TInputs >


template<typename TInputImage , typename TOutputImage >
using otb::DotProductImageFilter = FunctorImageFilter< Functor::DotProductFunctor< typename TInputImage::PixelType, typename TOutputImage::PixelType > >

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◆ DotProductImageFilter

template<typename TInputImage , typename TOutputImage >

Applies pixel-wise dot product to a VectorImage.

Given a vector, this filter outputs the dot product of each pixel of a multiband image with respect to the specified vector

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