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otb::SARParam Struct Reference

#include <otbSARMetadata.h>

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Public Member Functions

void FromKeywordlist (const MetaData::Keywordlist &kwl, const std::string &prefix)
void ToKeywordlist (MetaData::Keywordlist &kwl, const std::string &prefix) const

Public Attributes

double azimuthBandwidth = 0.
std::vector< AzimuthFmRateazimuthFmRates
double azimuthSteeringRate = 0.
MetaData::Duration azimuthTimeInterval
std::vector< BurstRecordburstRecords
InfoSceneCoord centerSceneCoord
std::vector< DopplerCentroiddopplerCentroids
std::unordered_map< std::string, GCPTimegcpTimes
std::vector< CoordinateConversionRecordgroundRangeToSlantRangeRecords
InfoSceneCoord llSceneCoord
InfoSceneCoord lrSceneCoord
double nearRangeTime
unsigned long numberOfLinesPerBurst
unsigned long numberOfSamplesPerBurst
std::vector< Orbitorbits
double rangeBandwidth = 0.
double rangeResolution
double rangeSamplingRate
bool rightLookingFlag = true
std::vector< CoordinateConversionRecordslantRangeToGroundRangeRecords
InfoSceneCoord ulSceneCoord
InfoSceneCoord urSceneCoord


bool operator== (const SARParam &lhs, const SARParam &rhs)

Detailed Description

SAR sensors parameters.

Definition at line 211 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ FromKeywordlist()

void otb::SARParam::FromKeywordlist ( const MetaData::Keywordlist kwl,
const std::string &  prefix 

Keywordlist import

◆ ToKeywordlist()

void otb::SARParam::ToKeywordlist ( MetaData::Keywordlist kwl,
const std::string &  prefix 
) const

Keywordlist export

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator==

bool operator== ( const SARParam lhs,
const SARParam rhs 

Definition at line 265 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ azimuthBandwidth

double otb::SARParam::azimuthBandwidth = 0.

Definition at line 227 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ azimuthFmRates

std::vector<AzimuthFmRate> otb::SARParam::azimuthFmRates

Azimuth Frequency Modulation (FM) rate list. contains an entry for each azimuth FM rate update made along azimuth.

Definition at line 217 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ azimuthSteeringRate

double otb::SARParam::azimuthSteeringRate = 0.

Definition at line 229 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ azimuthTimeInterval

MetaData::Duration otb::SARParam::azimuthTimeInterval

Definition at line 219 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ burstRecords

std::vector<BurstRecord> otb::SARParam::burstRecords

List of burst records

Definition at line 240 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ centerSceneCoord

InfoSceneCoord otb::SARParam::centerSceneCoord

Scene coordinate

Definition at line 252 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ dopplerCentroids

std::vector<DopplerCentroid> otb::SARParam::dopplerCentroids

Doppler centroid estimates

Definition at line 234 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ gcpTimes

std::unordered_map<std::string, GCPTime> otb::SARParam::gcpTimes

map between GCP ids and corresponding azimuth and range times

Definition at line 243 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ groundRangeToSlantRangeRecords

std::vector<CoordinateConversionRecord> otb::SARParam::groundRangeToSlantRangeRecords

Conversion coefficients from ground range to slant range

Definition at line 249 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ llSceneCoord

InfoSceneCoord otb::SARParam::llSceneCoord

Definition at line 256 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ lrSceneCoord

InfoSceneCoord otb::SARParam::lrSceneCoord

Definition at line 255 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ nearRangeTime

double otb::SARParam::nearRangeTime

Definition at line 220 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ numberOfLinesPerBurst

unsigned long otb::SARParam::numberOfLinesPerBurst

Definition at line 224 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ numberOfSamplesPerBurst

unsigned long otb::SARParam::numberOfSamplesPerBurst

Definition at line 225 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ orbits

std::vector<Orbit> otb::SARParam::orbits

List of orbit information

Definition at line 237 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ rangeBandwidth

double otb::SARParam::rangeBandwidth = 0.

Definition at line 228 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ rangeResolution

double otb::SARParam::rangeResolution

Definition at line 222 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ rangeSamplingRate

double otb::SARParam::rangeSamplingRate

Definition at line 221 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ rightLookingFlag

bool otb::SARParam::rightLookingFlag = true

Definition at line 231 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ slantRangeToGroundRangeRecords

std::vector<CoordinateConversionRecord> otb::SARParam::slantRangeToGroundRangeRecords

Conversion coefficients from slant range to ground range

Definition at line 246 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ ulSceneCoord

InfoSceneCoord otb::SARParam::ulSceneCoord

Definition at line 253 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

◆ urSceneCoord

InfoSceneCoord otb::SARParam::urSceneCoord

Definition at line 254 of file otbSARMetadata.h.

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